Winter Sale

2018 Winter Sale!!

You can now purchase items from our online store for our Winter Sale! These items are all hand-made by board members, staff and volunteers and are all limited quantity. What’s better, all proceeds go directly to Nevada Bugs & Butterflies, supporting our educational programs and events throughout the year.

  • Transactions are processed securely through Paypal.
  • Orders are processed in 2-5 business days and will ship by USPS Priority Mail (shipping chart at bottom of page).
  • Please order by December 18th for guaranteed Christmas delivery.
  • For large local orders please contact us to discuss pickup options, and feel free to email us with any questions!

Bee Houses

There are around 4,000 species of native bees in North America. Most native bees are solitary, they are important pollinators of many crops and native plants, and they are very unlikely to sting. In addition, many species are thought to be in decline across the country. Adding your own native bee house to your yard can help provide crucial nesting habitat and is a great way to observe native bees!

Our handmade bee houses come in Nevada and square shapes and make the perfect home for cavity nesting bees. Each holds approximately 30 6″ natural bee reeds from Crown Bees. These reeds are designed for twig-nesting bee species, like mason bees in the genus Osmia and leafcutter bees in the genus Megachile. Each bee house comes with mounting holes, instructions for mounting the house, and a copy of our Nevada Bee Guide.

Nevada-shaped bee house (5″ x 7″, ~35 reeds)
$40.00 + shipping

Square shaped bee box (4″ x 4″, ~30 reeds)
$30.00 + shipping

Nevada bee tea towels

These tea towels feature our native Nevada Bee motif designed by past Nevada Bugs board member Angela Hornsby on a linen cotton blend and sewn by Nevada Bugs board members, staff, and volunteers. Each order will come with a copy of our Nevada Bee Guide.
Buy one for $25 or two for $45!

Single Nevada bee tea towel
$25.00 + shipping

Set of two Nevada bee tea towels
$45.00 + shipping

Nevada bee ornaments

These ornaments are cut using a laser cutter featuring bees from our native Nevada Bee design. There are a total of 15 different species, with several purchase options available- we have two different sets of three ornaments, the Nevada bumble bee, and a full set of 15 ornaments (includes both sets of 3, the Nevada bumble bee, as well as the mining bee, two cuckoo bee species, squash bee, miner bee, and digger bee- for the true bee enthusiast). There’s also a kids’ ornament painting set! Each order comes with a copy of our Nevada Bee guide.

Set 1: mason bee, long-horned bee, green sweat bee
$25.00 + shipping

Set 2: Hunt bumble bee, leafcutter bee, polyester bee
$25.00 + shipping

Nevada bumble bee, single ornament
$10.00 + shipping

Full 15-piece ornament set
$100.00 + shipping

Kids’ paintable ornament kit
This paintable ornament kit comes with ornaments from both sets and the Nevada bumble bee, along with a paintbrush and paint set.
$40.00 + shipping

Base shipping costs (USPS Priority mail, extra shipping costs added by weight):

  • Bee ornaments: $7.20
  • Tea towels: $7.20
  • Bee houses: $13.65